You import goods from foreign countries or from an EFTA-State and need some support for clearance. Our experienced team will support you. No matter if your goods arrive in Hamburg, Lübeck, Kiel, Rostock or elsewhere in Germany – we work all over the country.

Fiscal representation

With fiscal clearance, your deliveries from Non-EU-Countries can be delivered to the recipient of the goods in the EU untaxed but duty paid. Then you only have to pay the VAT in the receiving country. If you are an EU-resident company without a German branch we can help as a registered fiscal representative in the handling of your import operations.

Your benefits:
• your goods can be available sooner
• your cash-flow improves because the VAT does not need to be financed
• Increased investment margin, since you can sell the goods before the VAT becomes due.
• No registration required in Germany, which also eliminates complicated and time-consuming reimbursement procedures
• You have more time for your main business

Your contact

Martina Törner

Customs Clearance, Import, Export

Phone +49 (0)451 – 80 70 98 90
Fax: +49 (0)451 – 80 70 98 92
Language: German, English

Phytosanitary clearance

In order to prevent the introduction and spreading of harmful organisms, certain plants and herbal products are subject to strict import controls. Through many years of experience, especially in importing wood and direct contact with the relevant authorities, our specialists will also be glad to assist you with the import of your goods requiring phytosanitary clearance.

Veterinary examination ( GVDE/GDE)

All animal products are subject to control at EU borders. No customs clearance handling can take place without veterinary inspection. In this field our team has many years of experience.

Change of Depository

Of course, we also can make a change of depository at all common Hamburg terminals such as CTC, CTA etc. This means we will assume responsibility for your goods until you have transported them to the consignee or released them into free circulation.

Customs inspection / CPA

Also if the customs authorities need to inspect your imported goods we are at your side. Thanks to our network we can arrange appointments at the relevant office – whether in Hamburg or the port of Bremen.

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