Import Clearance:
You are importing goods from a third or EFTA country and need help with the import formalities to Germnay? Our well trained and experienced staff would like to support you. It doesn’t matter if your goods will arrive at Hamburg, Lübeck, Kiel, Rostock or anywhere else in the european union- we have partners all over europa

Fiscal Representation:
With a Fiscal Representation your deliveries from third countries can be delivered to the european consignee without taxes, but custom cleared. The Import duties will only need tob e paid as soon as the goods reach ist destination country. EU based companies without a german branch can be assisted through us with all import formalities.

Your benefits:
• Usually you get the goods much more faster
• Your liquidity is rising, since the import duties do not need to be paid in advance
• You have a high investment scope, because you can sell the goods first before paying the import duties.
• You don’t need a registration in Germany, which means no refund procedures need to be done.
• You have more time for your business.

Head Customs

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Customs Broker

Phytosanitary Clearance:
In order to prevent the introductions and spread harmful organisms, certain plants and plant products influence the import controls a lot. Due to our many years of operating with a lot of experience, especially with the import of wood and the direct contact with the responsible local authorities, our specialized staff will be happy to support you with the import of your goods including the phytosanitary clearance.

Veterinary Clearance (GVDE/GDE):
All animal produts are subject to controls at the EU borders and without veterinary clearance no customs clearance can take place. Our team also draws on many years of experience in this area.

Change of Depositary:
Of course, we can carry out custodian changes at all well-known Hamburg terminals such as CTC; CTA; Eurogate, Burchardkai (CTB), Tollerort (CTT) etc. This means that we accept your goods under customs law until you have transported the goods to the recripient or released them for free circulation.

Customs Inspection / CPA:
Even if customs wants to inspect your imported goods, we will be at your side and due to out huge network, can arrange the appropriate appointments with the responsible authorities responsible for you- whether in Hamburg or at the Bremen oversea port.

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