owner-run, medium-size and growth-oriented logistics company


As an owner-managed, medium-size and growth-oriented logistics company, we have been supporting Lübeck with all customs formalities since 2010. Our headquarters are located directly on the motorway A1, near the Lübeck customs office and have m² with an office and customs warehouse of 600 m².

As an AEO, we are a trustworthy partner for customs, freight forwarding and trade. This means that we can help with your import and export requirements at any time all over Germany and guarantee a timely and smooth handling of your customs formalities.

The main focus of our activities in the fields of partial and full loads is on the north and east European routes, especially the markets of Russia, Kazakhstan & Uzbekistan. We offer regular FTL and LTL services to Poland, Belarus and Ukraine.

Within our secure premises we can offer you a bonded warehouse type A and outside storage area where your non-Community goods or vehicles are kept safely until they are imported. We can unload, load, pack, repack, stow, label, neutralize, inspect or store any kind of goods for you.


Perfect location

Due to our strategic location close to the Lübeck Customs Office and Lübeck’s Baltic Sea ports: Lehmannkai, Seelandkai, Nordlandkai, Terminal Schlutup and Scandinavienkai, we are able to represent your interests directly on the spot.

With our extensive network of partners we can also take care of your interests in the ports of Hamburg, Bremen, Rostock, Wismar, Kiel and Sassnitz. Whether it’s change of depository, delivery notification (T1) or organization of your collection – we can support you!

Zolldienstleistung Lübeck:

Atlantis Zollspedition GmbH – Lübeck
Grapengießer Straße 6
23556 Lübeck
Tel.: +49 (0) 451 80 70 98 – 90
Fax: +49 (0) 451 80 70 98 – 92
Email: info@atlantis-zollspedition.de