Export Declaration

Would you like to export your goods to foreign countries? Have you sold a car to a foreign country and need an export declaration? Then you have come to the right place – we will support you with your export business and can look back on many years of experience. Whether it’s a car to Tunisia or machine parts to Russia – we are there for you all over Germany.


EUR.1 is a movement certificate which saves you both time and money. The A.TR. is a specific document for Turkey – our team is able to prepare it for you.

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transit accompanying document T1/T2

We can complete the formalities for your goods arriving in Hamburg, Bremen or elsewhere in Germany. This means you can transport your goods through Europe to the consignee without customs clearance and do this directly at the destination. Or if you´d like to transport Community goods with a T2 through a non-EU-State like Switzerland to avoid unnecessary customs formalities. Alternatively you can store your uncleared goods in our bonded warehouse until you need them.

Carnet TIR + ATA

Carnet TIR is a customs procedure for the transit of goods which our customs specialists will gladly fill in for you. The freight compartments are sealed, so only the inspection of the seal and documents takes place at the borders. This speeds up the process at the border. Carnet ATA is used for the temporary export of goods. It is usually used for trade fairs and exhibitions where items are exported temporarily and then return to the country of origin. Through our cooperation with many partner companies we can represent you all over Europe.

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