Bonded Warehouse

We offer an open bonded warehouse type A, where your non-Community goods are safely stored until importation. In Lübeck we have 400 m² of closed storage space for bonded goods and in addition we have about 3,000 m² of monitored, open free space for e.g. duty unpaid cars and trucks. Due to the connection to the bonded warehouse program, you have access to all articles and batches still in the warehouse at any time. This facilitates correspondence with customs, as well as legal inventories.

Conversion to other customs procedures
From your bonded warehouse stock, we are happy to support you in the further use of the goods. This can be, for example, shipping documents or transfers into free circulation.

Your contact

Ewgeni Olenberg

Customs department leader

Tel: +49 (0)451 – 80 70 98 90
Fax: +49 (0)451 – 80 70 98 92
Languages: German, Russian

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